Monday, 28 November 2016

Maintain your cotton work wear

You obviously need cotton clothing or rather formal clothing on a daily basis for work every day. Also, because of the hot weather it is rather excruciating to dress up in nylon clothes or other fabrics for that matter, as they do not work a great deal for this purpose. It is important to be comfortable while you work but still you need to pay a little attention to take care of your cotton clothes on a daily basis.

Also, considering the beautiful corporate kurta you bought to flaunt at your office to make your colleagues envious, it certainly needs some special attention and care before the charm vanishes into oblivion. So, here is a little help which serves you with essential tips to care about your important cotton dresses.

Weather Alert!!
Summers are an ideal time to dress in cotton due to obvious reasons. They are extremely soft, airy and absorbent. However, try and shun the rains and winter to keep the fabric and the colour of the fabric in place.

Deal with the patch
A patch along the stitching can be effectively mended but a tear on the cloth itself might take some indulgence. Your job is to deal with it carefully and get it worked on by a really good tailor for some patching. If silks and satins do not work, you could get it done through some embroidery.

Wash and dry
If you want the fabric to stay for a longer time and give you a quality of being durable then, consider hand washing it. In case you intend to use a machine, separate lighter cottons from the heavier ones and turn clothes inside out. Select a suitable wash-load. If your cottons have even a hint of dye used, then wash them separately and carefully.
Whenever possible, line or drip-dry cottons. If using a dryer, tumble-dry, remove immediately and fold the cloth. Adjust the heat on the dryer or you could shrink/squeeze your cottons.

Roller-press cottons or iron at a temperature warm enough to get the wrinkles 
out. Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight after drying sufficiently.

To maintain high-end cotton garments, the best way is to send it across the dry cleaner’s. Nevertheless, starch, usually employed on cotton for that crisp image, is not doing the fabric any good. So try to wear your favourite cottons with starch only when you’re attempting to be spic and span.

Cotton essentials:
Cottons are very easily stained so you have to keep them away from the high alkaline perfumes, deodorants etc. which contribute to self-designed patches. For a stain fiasco, you should wash with water right away and remember to pre-soak the garment in some detergent/surf before wash.

Yes, it is a little too much of care and attention but with all the eyes that make heads turn!! It is totally worth the hard-work!!

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